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DASH - Disaster and Survivor Handbook

National Neighborhood Watch Institute (NNWI) welcomes you to our site. NNWI is dedicated to supplying excellent crime-fighting material. Within our web site you'll find information on our complete line of crime prevention materials. NNWI has been deterring crime for over 35 years.

Criminals are opportunists, so the goal of NNWI’s Neighborhood Watch Program is to reduce crime; this is achieved by creating 3 layers of defense: [1] The first layer being at the STREET LEVEL – NNWI’s street warning signs put ALL on Notice that a Neighborhood Watch Program is in Force. Our customized signs allow customization with Emergency Call 911/DISPATCHES PHONE NUMBER and AGENCY NAME – This customization step send a strong message and can shorten response times; [2] The second layer being at the HOME LEVEL — NNWI’s wide offering of decals reinforce the fact that a Neighborhood Watch Program is in effect; the decals are placed inside the window as a deterrent. [3] The third and final defense is at the PARTICIPANT LEVEL – If the PARTICIPANT sees a crime in progress, he/she will be trained using our Participants Handbook to dial dispatch or 911 to increase the likelihood the perpetrator will get caught.

NNWI’s Handbooks provide all the tools needed to learn “How to Start a Neighborhood Watch Program”. Once you have decided to start your Neighborhood Watch program, NNWI’s goal is to educate the individual members on the Participants’ roles using NNWI’s “Participants’ Handbook”, then how to protect yourself and property using our “Home and Personal Security Handbook.” Finally “NNWI’s Emergency Preparedness Handbook” is designed to help individuals prepare for emergencies, as well as what to do during and after emergencies. The end result is the citizens of your neighborhood, city or county can greatly reduce the probability of being victimized.

The time to start your Neighborhood Watch program is now…why wait any longer? DON’T BE A VICTIM! Act now!

Establishing your Neighborhood Watch program protects your neighborhood while you are either home or away; Neighborhood Watch will help protect your home and help reduce the likelihood you or a loved one could be victimized or your home burglarized. NNWI is here to support you as you create your own programs by offering a full line of crime deterrent products.

Thank you for visiting our site and feel free to call 888-669-4872 if you need assistance or have any questions you would like answered.

Our Products and Services

NNWI products are in use by over 13,000 police and sheriff agencies, housing authorities, emergency management agencies, as well as concerned citizens.

NNWI recommends starting a Neighborhood Watch program in your neighborhood. Also protect your valuables by implementing Operation ID in your community. Join the fight against crime today!

Our materials are available to local Neighborhood Watch groups, home owner associations, police and sheriff agencies, and individuals involved in crime prevention activities.

Most orders shipped the next business day.

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